Achievements & Awards


The average family enters the program with over $5,000 in debt, pays that debt off within one year, and graduates the program a year later with over $5,000 in savings – an upward trajectory of over $10,000; this is done by dedicating 10% of their gross income to a savings account that also functions as a debt reduction program.

Homestretch seeks to ensure that the interventions provided to families in crisis lead to lasting long-term outcomes. It is good to know that a family graduates successfully by increasing their income, acquiring skills or education, reducing debt, building savings, and securing housing they can afford on the income they earn. But it is even more satisfying to know that the family maintains the stability achieved while in Homestretch and goes on to further achievements. Homestretch is unique in our ability to track graduates after they have left our program.

Homestretch has partnered three times over the last decade with George Mason and George Washington Universities to conduct outcome studies to determine how well our graduates do after leaving our care, with impressive results. Each study showed that at least 88% of Homestretch graduates remained safely housed and employed years after leaving our care.

In 2022, Homestretch partnered with the Mitre Corporation and Ecosystems to conduct our current outcome study, going back two to seven years. This Impact Report shows that 88% of Homestretch graduates report having maintained stable housing years after leaving our care, and a mere 3% returned to homelessness. In addition, 87% remained employed, and 78% either maintained or increased the income they had achieved while in Homestretch. 69% went on to further education, and 64% saw their credit scores continue to improve, showing how the fiscal disciplines they acquired in Homestretch continued to reap rewards for their families.


of families remain safely housed 2-7 years after graduation from Homestretch.


of families maintain employment 2-7 years after graduation.


of families retain or increase their income after graduation.


of families enroll in further education or training after graduation.


of families continue to improve their credit score after graduation.


debts paid off for Homestretch families over 10 years.

60f58b622a554b07af94de4d Homestretch Resolution

Fairfax County passes a resolution honoring Homestretch for 30 years of providing housing and supportive services for homeless families.



Falls Church Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit of the Year


Sprague Champion Award for Affordable Housing Advocacy from the City of Falls Church


McLean Chamber of Commerce Non-Profit of the Year award


Carroll Shreve Award for Meritorious Service from the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce


Northern Virginia Nonprofit Leadership Award from Leadership Fairfax