Homestretch Executive Director Speaks at Poverty Conference

November 30, 2022

Last month, Homestretch Executive Director Christopher Fay was invited to address the Homestretch Executive Director Speaks at Poverty Conference a public-private partnership that manages many of the services provided to Wisconsin families experiencing homelessness, at their annual Poverty Matters Conference in Madison, Wisconsin. At the event, Christopher showcased Homestretch’s outstanding results with families experiencing homelessness to the entire assembly, explaining the Homestretch model and how its unique design allows for highly individualized case plans for each family. Fay showcased Homestretch’s ability to develop pathways for each family to remove barriers and open doors for long-term accomplishment by providing employment services, financial literacy programs, educational scholarships, health services, and offerings for children. Fay’s presentation received an enthusiastic response, with officials from Wisconsin planning a visit to Homestretch in early 2023 to see if they adopt features of the Homestretch model in their own plans for effective services to families in Wisconsin. For more info on the conference, go to

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