September 19, 2023

Meet Tucker Wright, Homestretch's Youngest Champion

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Learning How to Help His Community

When Tucker Wright was about six years old, he observed a person standing by the road asking for financial support. Tucker had questions, and his mom, Colleen, did her best to explain the situation and how there were many others in their community who needed help as well.

So, he did what came natural to him and began collecting coins in a food container to give to local charities—and over the years, those coins turned to dollars and those dollars into some significant support for his community.

He learned that money, food, and toys only go so far when you need a place to lay your head at night. He needed to rally the community around his cause to stamp out homelessness.

Networking with Leaders by Night, Typical Teenager by Day

Tucker does not have a typical resume for a teenager. His achievements include co-leading large fundraising events and campaigns, networking with local businesses and leaders to garner donations, receiving a commendation—one of his most prized possessions—from Delegate Rip Sullivan (who he now considers a good friend) and raising over $10,000 through “Strike Out Homelessness” bowling events.

“It’s just fun to do!” Tucker believes in making fundraising a fun and rewarding experience for the community helps achieve better results. – Tucker Wright, with Delegate Rip Sullivan

What is typical about Tucker? He is involved in theatre and plays in a band. He likes the food at fundraising events. He is stoic on the outside but according to his mom, he’s soft-hearted on the inside.

And, he likes to bowl.

Helping Provide a Soft Place to Sleep

Tucker connected with Homestretch as he sought ways to increase his support in the community. They explained the need for mattresses—considered a luxury when you are financially insecure—and Tucker went to work.

He started with a Facebook fundraiser with a goal to raise enough money to purchase mattresses for children. He met his goal in the first month and decided to aim bigger.

Now, with the support from his mom and the team at Homestretch, Tucker is able to co-lead the annual “Strike Out Homelessness” event and encourage his community to help those in need receive a soft place to sleep at night.

Making a Difference with Homestretch

Why did Tucker choose Homestretch to partner with in his mission? They fit the bill with their work helping people find homes, job security, and education. Now, he hopes others his age will join in and see how much fun and how rewarding this kind of service can be.

Tucker’s advice to others who want to make a difference is to find an organization that shares your values and goals and work with them to grow your impact over time.

Want to bowl for a good cause? Join Tucker and the Homestretch crew at the 2023 Striking Out Homelessness event.