Sacred Homes

Sacred Homes is a Homestretch partnership program that connects faith communities directly to individual families working to propel themselves out of poverty. This connection is made possible by the faith community “adopting” a Homestretch home and assisting the resident family on their journey to self-sufficiency. A family typically stays in their Homestretch home for two years before moving into a home they can afford themselves. In a Sacred Homes partnership, the faith community helps defray the financial costs of providing the home to a Homestretch client family. They also engage in hands-on acts of support to help maintain the home and, to the extent desired by the family and in close coordination with the assigned Homestretch case manager, they also provide additional direct assistance for the resident family.

Sacred Homes offers flexibility for the congregation and is individually tailored to match its skills, availability, and financial support capacity.

Sacred Homes accomplishes two things at once:

It helps Homestretch cover the costs of housing and services for a client family;
It provides an opportunity for caring congregations to have a more authentic relationship to the population Homestretch serves – homeless parents with children.
Participating faith communities receives several direct benefits by participating in Sacred Homes:

Your congregation helps transform people’s lives by propelling them out of poverty.
Your faith community receives team-building experiences where members of your congregation work together on meaningful projects and build stronger relationships.
Your congregation will receive promotional opportunities by being highlighted in Homestretch’s monthly e-newsletter, on our website, through social media, etc.
Your partnership with a well-recognized and highly respected local non-profit demonstrates to the larger community that you are a socially conscious congregation.

Current Sacred Homes Partners:

The Falls Church Anglican – 2017

St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church – 2015

Vienna Presbyterian Church – 2017

Burke Presbyterian Church – 2017

Fairfax Presbyterian Church – 2018

Christ Crossman United Methodist Church-2021

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