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Help Homeless Families Rebuild Their Lives

Why Volunteer with Homestretch?


Impact: When you volunteer with Homestretch, you are advocating for transformational change in the lives of community members who have experienced homelessness.


Flexibility: We do our best to develop custom opportunities for both individuals and groups depending on your availability, commitment level, and unique skill set.


Specificity: We are strategic and selective about which volunteers we assign to specific projects. We work to provide you with meaningful engagement opportunities that not only benefit our organization but also bring fulfillment and value to your life or the lives of your group members!

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Eagle Hill Consulting Landscaping the HS Building

How Do I Get Started?


Read. Review the volunteer opportunities below. Do you have an idea that isn’t listed but you feel might be beneficial to Homestretch families? We’d love to hear it!


Complete a New Volunteer Application and please keep an eye out for an email confirming your interview date/time from the Development and Volunteer Coordinator.


Onboard. Your onboarding experience will be tailored to the type of volunteer activity that works best for you and maximizes your contribution to the families that Homestretch serves! Please note, the length of this process varies depending on the level of training and background check needed. For general group activities, the onboarding process may not be as intensive.

What Volunteer Opportunities Do You Offer?

Kidstretch Volunteering

Do you have a passion for early childhood education? Our preschool, Kidstretch, would love your assistance in creating a fun, safe, and playful environment. The primary volunteer activity with Kidstretch is to attend morning or afternoon park playtime with the children. Other opportunities may be available depending on experience level and organizational needs. Please note, extensive background checks are required for this position.

As-Needed Volunteers

Due to the nature of our services, we have various needs that come up without much notice – As-Needed Volunteers agree to be contacted when these needs arise. This position could include tasks from the Make-it-Home Program, event assistance, delivery services, apartment repairs, etc. This works great for those who cannot make a consistent commitment but want to be kept in the loop regarding Homestretch’s needs!

Homestretch Make-It-Home Program

When a new family enters the Homestretch program, we do our best to make the unit they are moving into feel like home! From stocking the kitchen with tools, filling the bathroom with toiletries, to setting up beds, staging furniture, and hanging art on the walls– a lot goes into creating a welcoming environment. We also need assistance moving furniture into the units or picking up a furniture donation that will eventually be placed into a Homestretch unit.

Most of these opportunities are scheduled within 3 days to 2 weeks, therefore we need both individuals and groups to operate on an As-Needed basis. We do our best to provide ample time for planning, but often need to move fast to make this happen! If you sign up to become a volunteer with the Make-it-Home Program, you will be contacted when there is a need, similar to the As-Needed Volunteer process below.

Homestretch Tutor Program

Homestretch program participants need the support of encouraging adults that can help them achieve their goals. This is an opportunity to help a Homestretch client by supporting them to reach their career or academic goals. Areas of focus consist of specialized certificate programs, GED preparation, citizenship preparation, general education, interview coaching, ESOL, and more! The tutor program is tailored to the individual needs and schedule of the families that we serve. Generally, tutors must commit to meeting virtually with a client for 1 hour per week. However, some clients may only need a few sessions of assistance.

Professional/Pro bono Volunteering

Do you have special trade skills that you can bring to the table? Throughout the year, we need several volunteers to provide specialized support in their areas of expertise that meet specific and spontaneous needs of the organization. Attorneys, plumbers, contractors, tech experts, and trades people – we need you!

Donation Drive

This volunteer opportunity requires you to plan and execute a donation drive from start to finish. We heavily rely on in-kind donations from the community to get necessities into the hands of the families that we serve. By leading a donation drive, you will directly contribute to providing Homestretch families with essential items! To view a list of our ongoing needs, please visit this link: Homestretch Wish List
All Donation Drives must be coordinated and confirmed with the Development and Volunteer Coordinator prior to starting. Please do not conduct a Donation Drive without staff approval.

Become a Homestretch Ambassador!

Learn about the mission of Homestretch and how you can represent us well in your community. Homestretch Ambassadors play a unique role in educating the public on the issue of homelessness in our area and bringing community awareness to Homestretch’s unique and transformative services! This is a flexible position and is tailored to the unique role that you play in your community. Homestretch Ambassadors are asked to organize at least one donation drive annually. This position may overlap with other volunteer opportunities as well.

Do you have questions or concerns?

If you’re not ready to complete a New Volunteer Application, or you are looking for a different type of opportunity, please contact Julie Crain

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Excella Consulting Employees clean toys in the Homestretch Preschool